Garry Tsaconas

Who: Garry Andreas Tsaconas
Where From: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Where Now: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
When (Were You Born): Oct 5th of 1982
Computer Experience: Ever since I was six (6)
School Of Choice: Humber College
Credentials: Computer Programmer Analyst, Network Specialist, Internet Management

Who Am I Now
I am a Web Developer/Designer and have been for over six (6) years. I hope to work in a fun, creative environment where I can help bring innovative ideas out into the open.

Who Was I Then: The Early Years
I've been involved with computers ever since the public school system decided to put UNISYS ICON machines in each and everyone of the classrooms. My first encounter with computers came with turning on the glowing machine, watching the monitor open up. It consisted of me plugging in the computer into the wall and hitting the power button. I was in competition with another student, Bradley, to see who would be the computer guru of the class.

In the years leading up and outward of public school, I had been focused on the look, flow and effect of computer graphics and functionality. This came with countless hours of video-gaming, computer-gaming, and at times, doing a little bit of both at the same time. I may not have been a math whiz or a home economics major, but I was productive when it came to computer technology.

School Days
Before going to college, I had spent 4 years in a high school excelling in the arts rather than the academics. Standing out amongst the crowd meant being an actor. Performing in several productions and competitions, I had become a charismatic individual sharing comedic and dramatic effects with the people around me. Although I could have went onward with an acting career, my future felt right with my childhood hobbies of computers and technology.

Commencing my first year at Humber College as a Computer Programmer Analyst required hard work, but seemed lacklustre and didn't present any kind of "fun". I didn't mind the work -- I just didn't feel that I was in the right position. I decided to switch programs and study to be a Network Specialist. I earned a 2-year diploma achieving honours numerous times. Finishing three years at Humber, it didn't feel like it was enough. I was avid in web programming and web technologies by the end of my Networking program. I didn't feel that I had enough under my belt to go out into the working world. So, by passing that judgment with some thought, I applied and was accepted into a post-graduate program for Web Design and Internet Managament.

What Have You Done
To view some of the work I've done for the last couple of years, please visit my Resumé page.